I'm Jordi Bruin.

I create digital products that help people**.**

I aim to help others around me grow into their best self. I thrive in dynamic and evolving teams where I can work on a variety of products and ideas with smart people across different fields.


I'm pretty good* at:

*I've linked (⇢) some related projects for each of these, for the full list scroll down

In my free time I enjoy yoga, videogames, discovering new places in Amsterdam, listening to music and building side projects!

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Good Snooze

In 2021 I decided I wanted to spend 95% of my time working on my own projects. I love it when I have an idea, that I can turn into reality in a weekend. Most of my own products start from a personal need, be it an app to easy check for allergens that I made for my girlfriend, or tools to make indie development life easier. I try to solve one problem really well, and then expand from there without biting off more than I can chew.

My macOS utility apps are posted on my Gumroad page.