From 2013-2017 I was the Product Lead on the My Vodafone app and web platform. Together with my team we transitioned the Vodafone Digital team towards a user-first approach. Together with our development team we created a cross platform design system (waaaay before it was trendy 😉) that allowed us to be extremely flexible with our content.

We had to come up with lots of creative solutions for very complex technical problems that often stood in the way of a great user experience. Later on, when Vodafone and Ziggo merged we had to understand and act on the nuances in the different customer journeys.

Through extensive user testing, app feedback and analytics we created a playful and helpful app that lowered the load on the support team and helped customers get the most out of the services Vodafone offers. By using contextual notifications, personalized messaging and adaptable interfaces we helped create a more consistent connection between Vodafone and it's customers.

I helped out with..

Always in control

Vodafone is one of the largest telecom providers in the Netherlands. To help their customers get the most out of their subscriptions we’ve been closely working together for more than five years on the My Vodafone self-care app.

From checking your data allowance to paying your bills, to chatting with customer support. With the My Vodafone app we set out to give Vodafone customers full control over their services in the easiest way possible.